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Release & Relief

You can feel it in your bones: the constant, chronic, low-level physical, chemical and emotional stress that amps you up and slowly wears you down. Let it go untreated long enough, and stress can cause damage, degeneration and eventually disease. Stress can cause pain. And pain can cause stress. We’re here to break the cycle.

Solving Stress

Taking care of the body brings stress levels down. We begin by talking about what ails you, including an assessment of the health of your joints and spine. The joints and spine are filled with motion detectors, telling your brain where your body is in space. When they’re misaligned, they fire off alerts. When they’re in the correct position, they put the nervous system at ease. By restoring the spine and joints to their neutral position, we manage the health of the entire nervous system over time.

Dr Matt Green is an incredibly compassionate, conscientious and thoroughly skilled chiropractor, practically bursting with passion for improving the quality of life and wellness of his patients. Were it not for his chiropractic adjustments, I would still be experiencing tension headaches. I can now focus on doing more of the things that I love. Thanks Dr Matt!
David S.


Our stress-fighting arsenal includes:

  • Personalized treatment plan to locate and correct the cause of your problem
  • Chiropractic adjustments (Activator, Drop Table, and Manual)
  • A.R.T.™ soft-tissue therapy
  • Brain Tap ™ Entrainment Meditation system
  • Local referrals for massage and cranio-sacral therapy