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Children’s Health

Little Bodies, Big Worries

Children are naturally flexible and resilient. So it’s easy to miss little troubles before they turn into lifelong problems. The good news is that, in little bodies, small changes now can make a big difference later. By making small adjustments now, we can make sure they’re as quick and snappy at 30 as they are right now. Don’t you wish someone had done that for you?

Special Concerns: Screen Time

Chiropractic care won’t keep an iphone out of you kids’ hands, but it just might keep their heads on straight. Bent over screens for hours every day, children are beginning to show alarming rates of lumbar arthritis. That’s right: Arthritis in children! Technology isn’t going away, but chiropractic care can help children adapt to and manage the physical stresses technology puts on our bodies, for a lifetime of better health.

Dr. Green has helped my daughter with her sports injuries. My family and I highly recommend Village Chiropractic!
Sylvia S.